Vent du matin

Event Details

  • From: 02/06/2015
  • To: 07/06/2015
  • Starting at: 10:00
  • Finishing at: 21:00


  • Vent du matin
  • French town Cabourg

Ilze Laizāne personal exhibition „ Vent du matin „

The artist`s Ilze Laizāne painting exhibition “Vent du matin”, which translated from French means ,, Morning wind ” will be open in French town Cabourg from  June 2nd to June 7th.

,, Morning. Every morning is special, different  but clearly important. Morning begins with new vigour and inspiration, hopes and dreams, and plans. Morning is my source of inspiration. I love waking up, opening all the windows to the outdoors in winter or summer and feel the morning wind that wakes me up early in the morning and urges to paint. ”

Ilze Laizāne will give her works created last year from a variety of cycles with different themes for assessment of connoisseurs. The cycle “Energy of feminity” depicting symbolic, feminine emotional figural compositions, behind their external beauty a true story, a mystery is hidden. And the cycle ,, Longing … ” where calm colours conjure up the artist`s feeling of the mysteryof the sea. Variable water, the sun in the zenith, the sand, splashes of water , everything that gives the energy to live and paint. The story about the sea, the longing for the wide expance of  the  sea ,about the argent wish of wading into it and feel  its rising in waves.

The artist is a realist painter who has inspired from nature, she creates new themes to the delight of her art lovers, friends and simple passers-by. Her works are oil paintings, combined with drawing. Bright, multiple layers of colour variations  create an illusory space effect that reveals the exquisite feminine energy in her paintings. The mood of the full composition has been contemplated carefully and developed  in a harmonious and energy pervading manner.